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About Us

Gantry Crane Trading is the source for used rubber-tired gantry cranes, RTG's, straddle cranes, travelifts, and self-propelled rail mounted gantry cranes. We sell or used trade machines built by Drott, MiJack, Mi-Jack, Shuttlelift, Travelift, Drott, Ropco, Renner, Ascom, Cimolai, Pao DeNicola, Paceco to name a few.

Our roots go back to dealing in boat handling equipment in the 1970s.  Over the years we have worked with virtually every large construction company in North America, who use machines for a project and need to dispose of them at the end. We typically keep about 35 used machines available.  We have new, built to order machines. Details coming!

We are capable of dismantling, modifying and servicing gantry cranes through numerous longtime affiliates.

Should you need a machine, want to trade a machine or just want to sell one.  We are the place to call!